Quals happen at the top of the show. If you wish to be a contestant please arrive on time. Details of the quals will be revealed as the game begins.

Game flow:

Two teams take the stage at a time.
Team A plays their first category, Team B plays their first category,
Team A plays their second category, Team B plays their second category,
Jokes are made.
Team C and D replace teams A and B on stage.
Rinse, repeat, eliminate. Drink.


This year we will be starting with 12 teams.
Top eight will face each other in the Quarter finals.
Top four will remain for the semi-finals.
Top two will battle for this years title.

Description of Game Play.

The “civilian” (BSidesLV attendee who passes the qualification) player is offered the choice of giving or receiving clues to/from the “celebrity” player. The player giving the clues will have the answers of the category displayed in-front of them. The Answers are revealed one at a time to the clue giver. The team has 30 seconds to correctly guess as many of the clues in the category as possible. The clue giver may describe the answer verbally without saying the answer itself. The clue giver may not spell out the answer. If the answer is an acronym, the clue giver may not use any word represented within the acronym.

For instance, if the category is parts of the body, he can say “head,” “feet” or “hands,” but he may not say “body.” If the guesser is stumped, she may say pass to move onto the next answer. The player guessing the answers may "pass" on any answer they do not believe they are getting. If there is time remaining at the end of the round, then answers that the guessing player passed on will be recycled back for them to take another shot at them.

For every answer that the team names, they receive one point. Points are totalled at the end of each round and the top teams advance.

Gameplay Shortform:

  • Beginning with twelve teams total, playing six games.
  • Each game will begin with two teams – one “celebrity” and one contestant each.
  • At the beginning of their turn, a pair will choose one of three topics in the “pyramid”.
  • The attendee player is offered the choice of giving or receiving clues to/from the celebrity player.
  • The teams are placed such that their members sit and face each other.
  • The player giving clues will have a tablet with the game interface placed infront of them.
  • In turn, each pair will be given 30 seconds to give clues describing each of 7 answers per topic.
  • Using any part of the word in the answer, results in an automatic pass (failure to score) on that word.
  • The other player must attempt to guess the answer from the clues given.
  • Players may also choose to pass if they are unable to complete the word.
  • Points are awarded for each correctly guessed target word/phrase.
  • The top eight teams will face off in the quarter-finals, with the top four progressing.
  • From those four teams, playing against each other, two teams will remain in the finals.
  • The final round will be 3 rounds of game play, winner being the team who has the most points.
  • Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of all games.